Treating Cellulite Without Surgery — Yes, It Is Possible!

If you’re like 90% of women, you probably struggle with unwanted cellulite. For most of us, it’s a common problem that’s notoriously hard to get rid of. You might have even been told it’s not possible without surgery, but we’re here to challenge that misconception. While topical creams and other products do little to address the underlying cause of cellulite, new technology is available that can give you smooth, dimple-free skin without pain or downtime. At Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa, we’re proud to offer EMTONE — the latest body contouring device that reduces the appearance of cellulite by up to 93% so you can feel great about your figure.

What Exactly IS Cellulite?

Cellulite refers to the dimpled, orange peel-like texture that often appears on the hips, thighs and buttocks. It’s what makes the skin look lumpy instead of smooth and taut. Cellulite is more prevalent in women due to the distribution of skin, fat and connective tissue, but it can also affect some men and develop regardless of size or body type. While cellulite is harmless in and of itself, its appearance can negatively affect your self-esteem and stop you from wearing certain clothing styles. Even if you work hard to stay in shape, cellulite can still persist and keep you from showing off your fit physique. In short, even though it’s completely normal, cellulite is the lumpy scourge that can keep you from achieving your body goals.

Why Don’t Anti-Cellulite Creams Work?

There are lots of creams and lotions on the market that claim to reduce cellulite, but these products don’t really work. Cellulite is a complex problem that has more to do with structural changes that occur beneath the skin’s surface rather than on it, so topical solutions don’t penetrate deep enough to make a lasting impact. Instead, they contain ingredients like retinol, caffeine and botanical extracts that can temporarily improve the appearance of your skin overall, but the results are modest, brief and superficial at best. In some cases, they might even make things worse.

That’s because cellulite forms as fat cells are squeezed by rigid connective bands that lie between the skin and muscle, creating the dimpled appearance we all know so well. Other factors are also at play, such as excess interstitial fluid, tissue laxity, inflammation and weight gain. Since women tend to have thinner skin and a higher body fat percentage than men, these bulges occur more frequently, especially in areas like the hips or thighs. Not even diet and exercise can completely eliminate cellulite, but a healthy lifestyle can help make it less noticeable.

If you’re dead set on using expensive creams or lotions to combat cellulite, experts recommend sticking to products that have higher concentrations of retinol and caffeine, but be prepared to use them every day. In comparison, EMTONE provides clinically-proven results that help you achieve smoother, firmer skin after just four to six treatments.

Introducing EMTONE

Until now, the gold standard in cellulite reduction has been surgical procedures that break up and release the fibrous bands beneath the skin to create a smoother, less dimpled appearance. While highly effective, not everyone is comfortable with invasive treatments. There’s also the added risk of complications, discomfort and downtime.

EMTONE can deliver similar results without the need for surgery or anesthesia. Instead, it works by combining advanced thermal monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology with pressure wave therapy to visibly reduce the appearance of collagen by up to 93%. The RF energy heats up the skin to tighten existing collagen fibers and stimulate the production of new ones, but it also targets the rigid connective bands and enlarged fat cells that cause cellulite. At the same time, acoustic waves are emitted that loosen these tissues and massage the skin to boost circulation. These effects combine to reduce cellulite twice as fast as either technique used on its own, maximizing your results.

And the best part is: EMTONE is completely noninvasive with no downtime and ideal for most patients. It can also be used practically anywhere on the body that cellulite appears, including common problem areas such as the hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

Why You’ll Love EMTONE

  • Visibly reduce cellulite by up to 93%
  • No surgery, anesthesia or downtime
  • Comfortable and convenient treatments
  • Advanced technologies work faster and more effectively together
  • FDA-cleared for women and men
  • Safe for all skin types and tones
  • Can be used on the abs, arms, legs, buttocks and more

What is Treatment Like?

EMTONE treatments are quick, convenient and comfortable. When you come in, you’ll sit back and relax as one of our experienced providers gently glides the device across your skin, where it will deliver a combination of radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy into your areas of concern. There’s no pain or discomfort involved, but you will notice a mild warming sensation as the underlying tissues are heated up. You’ll also feel vibrations from the acoustic waves as they penetrate below the surface of your skin. These sensations are normal and indicate that the device is working to break down, loosen and remodel the collagen fibers and connective bands. For your comfort, a cooling gel will first be applied to reduce friction.

The entire process takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, depending on how many areas you’re having treated. Once you’re done, you can immediately resume all normal activities with no downtime or restrictions. Your skin might look a little pink or red for a few hours after treatment, but otherwise, no adverse reactions or side effects have been reported. Even with surgery, there’s no permanent way to banish cellulite, but EMTONE provides results that can last for a year or more. Because the device is safe and gentle, you can receive repeat or maintenance treatments to keep your skin smoother for longer.

Discover EMTONE at Lucienne

Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa in South Jordan, Utah, is an EM-Suite provider, offering a number of noninvasive treatments for cellulite, body contouring and more. If you’re ready to learn more about EMTONE and how it can help you attain smooth, dimple-free skin, click or call our office at 801-280-9990 to book your appointment today.