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Each year, urinary incontinence affects millions of men and women in the United States alone. As we get older, the muscles of the pelvic floor can become stretched and weakened, leading to symptoms of bladder leakage, a frequent urge to urinate and a loss of bladder control. This can cause shame and embarrassment due to unwanted accidents and keep you from spending time with family and friends.

At Lucienne Salon Spa Boutique in South Jordan, Utah, we understand that when you’re constantly worried about your bladder and always looking for the bathroom, you’re not enjoying your life to the fullest. To help men and women who struggle with urinary incontinence find symptom relief, we’re pleased to offer Emsella, a revolutionary device that helps you regain control of your bladder and restore your confidence.

What Causes Urinary Incontinence?

The bladder is a hollow muscular organ that collects and stores urine. During urination, the bladder contracts to move urine through to the urethra while the surrounding muscles relax to let it pass. When these muscles become weakened and no longer function properly, urine can leak from the body. Incontinence and bladder leakage can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Weak or overactive bladder muscles
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Nerve damage
  • Blockage
  • Bladder infections or inflammation
  • Loss of neuromuscular control
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Enlarged prostate

Urinary incontinence is more common among women than men, affecting 30 percent of women over the age of 30. Risk factors include gender, age, smoking, obesity and family history, and although you can lower your risk, prevention isn’t always possible. Fortunately, a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments are now available to help reduce the symptoms of incontinence. Among the available options, Emsella is emerging as the most effective and innovative treatment, improving the quality of life of men and women everywhere in just a few short sessions.

What is Emsella?

Emsella is a noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment for incontinence that uses gentle but effective high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to significantly increase bladder control in both men and women. This proven technology has been shown to improve symptoms in 95 percent of patients, with many noticing results after just one treatment. At Lucienne Salon Spa Boutique, your Emsella treatment will be tailored just for you. Our team will develop a treatment plan designed to produce optimal results, allowing you to stop worrying about incontinence and start focusing on the important things in life.

How Does Emsella Work?

Emsella uses revolutionary HIFEM technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, causing a series of contractions that are the equivalent of thousands of Kegel exercises. By stimulating the pelvic floor region, the muscles become stronger and more able to sufficiently support the pelvic organs, giving patients more control over their bladder. Nonsurgical and noninvasive, Emsella produces no discomfort or downtime and you’ll be able to resume all normal activities immediately after your treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Emsella?

Men and women of all ages looking for a solution to urinary incontinence are good candidates for Emsella. Whether you experience stress or urge incontinence, Emsella can improve your quality of life by effectively addressing symptoms with no downtime or recovery period. If you have certain implants, a pacemaker or have recently had surgery, talk to your doctor first before beginning treatment to make sure it’s safe to proceed.

What to Expect From Your Emsella Treatment

During your treatment, you’ll sit comfortably in the innovative Emsella chair, which allows you to remain fully clothed while the HIFEM energy is delivered to your pelvic floor — there are no probes, handpieces or other devices that need to be inserted for a truly noninvasive treatment. As you relax, the HIFEM technology will trigger thousands of Kegel-like contractions to strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles. Although you can feel it happening, this sensation causes no discomfort and you’ll be able to resume all normal activities after your appointment. Each treatment delivers the equivalent of over 11,000 Kegels and lasts about 30 minutes, producing reliable results that restore neuromuscular control in easy, convenient sessions.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Each patient is unique and the number of treatments you’ll need will vary, but our team will develop a customized plan just for you. For optimal results, most patients receive a series of six treatments twice a week to improve urinary incontinence. After that, one maintenance treatment every four to six months is often recommended, but some may need additional treatments depending on the severity of their condition.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Emsella is quickly becoming the gold standard in treating urinary incontinence, with proven results that safely and effectively provide symptom relief by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Many patients see results after their first session, but the most noticeable improvements develop after a series of treatments. Results will continue to improve in the weeks following your appointment, with 67 percent of patients able to decrease or completely eliminate their use of hygienic pads after Emsella.