Profound® RF: How can radiofrequency help my skin?

Achieving youthful and smooth skin is something nearly everyone desires. But if topical treatments haven’t helped much and invasive approaches are out of the question, there is a third option that just might be what you are looking for: radiofrequency skin tightening. 

This minimally invasive procedure firms up the skin for a more even and youthful appearance with no scarring or downtime! One of the latest radiofrequency technologies is the Profound® RF system available at Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa for our South Lake customers. In this article, we’ll explain what exactly radiofrequency treatments can do for your skin and why you should consider the Profound® RF system.


Radiofrequency (RF) is a type of energy at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a form of non-ionizing radiation that is 1 billion times slower than X-ray energy, which makes it relatively harmless in comparison.

RF has been used in cosmetic dermatology since 2001, mainly for the purpose of non-surgical skin rejuvenation. More specifically, we use RF technology to: 

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and lift the skin on the face and body
  • Minimize the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce acne scars

The treatment is a popular alternative to a facelift for those with mild to moderate skin wrinkling and sagging. Clinical studies on this type of treatment have shown that it is safe and effective, providing both subjective and objective improvement in the appearance of the skin. 

Technologies used in RF skin tightening have been tested for safety and efficiency by the FDA. These devices — which consist of a handheld piece and generator — allow practitioners to tightly control how much energy reaches the targeted tissue, so you get seamless results.

RF skin tightening usually takes 30 minutes to complete with little preparation and recovery involved. We can use this treatment in tandem with microneedling, injectables and other treatments for best results.


Similar to laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, RF treatments work by causing controlled injury to the skin, which stimulates the production of new skin cells, elastin and collagen, among other rejuvenating processes. This results in a more youthful and even appearance once the healing process is over. 

The energy used in these therapies is absorbed by your cells and converted into heat. The heat causes a controlled injury that stimulates cell renewal. Only specific cells in precise locations are targeted, thanks to the sophisticated technology in these treatments. 

With radio waves, specifically, only the dermis is targeted. The dermis is the inner layer of your skin containing connective tissue with collagen fibers. By heating your skin’s deeper layers, this type of treatment provides more than surface-level skin tightening. Heating the dermis promotes elastin and collagen production — both involved in the texture and shape of your skin. It also promotes increased cell turnover.

The epidermis, which is the top layer of your skin, is spared with RF skin tightening. Skin rejuvenating treatments that don’t involve the epidermis are called “non-ablative,” meaning they don’t cause damage or remove the skin’s topmost layers. One of the main advantages of non-ablative treatments like RF skin tightening is that there is minimal risk of discoloration and scarring, making it a great option for those with darker skin tones prone to hyperpigmentation.


The Profound® RF system was created by Candela, a US-based company that has been developing energy-based cosmetic devices since the 1970s. It is used to treat facial wrinkles, skin sagging and cellulite. 

The Profound® RF system is the first and only FDA-approved device to combine RF with another cosmetic technique: microneedling. 

Like RF skin tightening, microneedling encourages collagen and elastin production through minimal and controlled injury to the skin. But unlike RF, which does this by heating tissue, microneedling creates microscopic punctures in the skin using tiny needles. 

When combined, the two treatments lead to greater skin-tightening and rejuvenation. There is clinical research to back up this claim. Research on Profound® RF, in particular, found it leads to five times more elastin, twice as much collagen and even a boost in hyaluronic acid. 

The needles used in the Profound® RF System can be adjusted to different depths of penetration (0.5 to 3.5 mm) depending on which area is being treated. Once the needles are in place, they emit RF energy at greater depths for maximum efficiency. 

Profound® RF can also heat the dermis to up to 152 degrees F (67 degrees C), while other devices of this kind heat it to only 107 degrees F (42 degrees C). This also makes a big difference in the final results.


Compared to traditional RF skin tightening, microneedling or laser, Profound® is more powerful in delivering profound results. Here are a couple of facts about Profound® RF to give you an idea of its efficiency: 

  • Just one treatment may be needed for long-lasting results
  • There is a 100% response rate for wrinkles and 94% for cellulite
  • Restores age-related loss of volume by boosting hyaluronic acid
  • Can reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Less painful than surgery and less invasive than injectables
  • Provides a third of what a facelift can do in a single treatment
  • Results can last for several years

All in all, this system is more powerful than many other treatments on the market. However, whether it is right for you is another matter. Some patients may benefit from a gentler approach that can offer their desired results in a manner better suited to their skin type and condition.


At Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa, our aim is to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals with safe and tested approaches. If you are dealing with wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of volume, scars or stubborn cellulite, we offer the Profound ® RF system at our office. 

To learn more about this novel treatment and whether it is the right option for you, schedule a consultation by calling us today, and we’ll help you get started. You can reach our South Jordan office at 801-280-9990.