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Top 5 Things You Should Know About EMSCULPT NEO

What if we told you there’s a noninvasive treatment that can help you achieve your fitness goals with no surgery, no incisions and no downtime? It might sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what EMSCULPT NEO does. At Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa in South Jordan, Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, we’re proud to offer the first and only body contouring device that combines two scientifically proven technologies to burn fat and enhance muscle tone at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about EMSCULPT NEO and what sets this advanced treatment apart from others.

1. What is EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO is a body contouring device like none you’ve ever seen before. While the classic EMSCULPT uses patented technology to improve muscle strength and definition, it isn’t specifically designed to eliminate fat cells, although some patients do notice slimmer contours after treatment. Similarly, other devices that freeze fat to sculpt a leaner figure have no effect on muscle tone. EMSCULPT NEO is unique because it does both of these things, making it suitable for patients with various needs and goals. It also delivers numerous other benefits that make it a top choice among men and women alike, including:

  • Nonsurgical and noninvasive
  • Results backed by clinical studies
  • No recovery or downtime
  • Quick, painless treatment sessions
  • Great alternative to liposuction
  • Permanently removes treated fat calls
  • Enhances the shape, tone and strength of muscles

EMSCULPT NEO isn’t a weight-loss treatment, nor is it meant to replace a healthy lifestyle. However, it is ideal for anyone who wants to build muscle in hard-to-tone areas or target stubborn body fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. It’s also effective for patients with a BMI up to 35, although those closer to their fitness goals may see more dramatic results. 

2. What Makes EMSCULPT NEO Different?

You’ve probably heard of other body contouring treatments that use hot or cold technology to destroy fat cells. While these devices are a great alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction, EMSCULPT NEO works differently to improve your physique. Instead of simply eliminating unwanted bulges with extreme temperatures, it utilizes a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to build muscle and reduce fat simultaneously. This helps you achieve slimmer, more toned contours in common problem areas, including the abdomen, thighs, calves and buttocks.

EMSCULPT NEO is similar to its predecessor, EMSCULPT, but its two proven therapies take your results to the next level. The RF and HIFEM energies are delivered synchronously into the underlying tissues to create a synergistic effect that can help you achieve your fitness goals in less time. EMSCULPT NEO is the world’s first body contouring technology able to burn fat and increase muscle mass in the same treatment.

3. How Does EMSCULPT NEO Work?

Normally when we work out, we’re limited by our own bodies. Even the most intensive fitness routines can only engage the muscles so much, and overdoing it could lead to injury. EMSCULPT NEO goes beyond what can be achieved through exercise alone and bypasses these restraints, triggering thousands of muscle contractions per minute.

During treatment, the device emits RF and HIFEM energies that painlessly penetrate beneath the skin. The RF waves increase the temperature of the tissues and prepare the muscles for activity. This has an effect similar to stretching or warming up before an intense workout, but also has the added benefit of damaging fat cells, which are more sensitive to heat. While that’s happening, the HIFEM energy causes the muscle fibers to contract, much like they would while lifting weights or doing sit-ups. The difference is that each 30-minute session stimulates more than 20,000 muscle contractions, far surpassing the capabilities of voluntary effort.

After treatment, unwanted fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. On average, EMSCULPT NEO yields a 30 percent reduction of subcutaneous fat and a 25 percent growth in muscle mass in treated areas. These results are backed by multiple clinical studies and have made EMSCULPT NEO the new gold standard in nonsurgical body contouring.

4. What does EMSCULPT NEO Feel Like?

EMSCULPT NEO treatments aren’t painful or uncomfortable, but they do provide a unique experience. Once the applicators begin emitting energy, you’ll be able to feel your muscles contracting. The intensity can be dialed up depending on your goals and preferences, but anesthesia or numbing creams are never needed. You’ll also notice a warming sensation as the device eliminates fat cells, which is often compared to a hot stone massage. 

Afterward, you might notice some soreness in treated areas, but this is similar to how you’d feel after exercising normally. You may also be thirstier than usual because the body thinks you’ve just put it through a tough high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Other than that, there are no side effects associated with treatment, and no downtime or recovery is required. You can resume your daily routine immediately with no restrictions.

5. When Will I See Results?

Just like with other body contouring devices, your results won’t appear overnight after an EMSCULPT NEO treatment. However, you will feel stronger after a session or two, since improvements in muscle tone, strength and definition tend to develop faster. The slimming effects may take longer to notice, but most people start seeing a difference within a few months as the body continues to naturally eliminate treated fat cells.

The fat reduction achieved by EMSCULPT NEO is considered permanent, as fat cells cannot return once destroyed by radiofrequency energy. It is still possible to gain weight after treatment, so a healthy diet is recommended. The gains in muscle mass also have to be maintained with further treatment sessions or a good workout regimen because of the physiological changes that occur when the fibers aren’t exposed to stress. By committing to a balanced diet and regular exercise, however, you can expect to enjoy long-lasting results that complement your active lifestyle.  

Ready to Learn More?

Compared to other body contouring treatments, EMSCULPT NEO is in a class of its own. If you want to learn more about this innovative device and how it can help you reach your fitness goals, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our body sculpting experts. Contact or call our office today in South Jordan, Utah, at 801-280-9990 to get started.