The Foundation of Feminine Well-Being: Understanding the Pelvic Floor

At Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa, we often liken the pelvic floor to the cornerstone of a woman’s health – a vital but frequently overlooked foundation that supports physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Imagine the frustration when a sneeze or a laugh leads to a rush of worry, the mental calculations before each jump or jog, the silent retreat from intimacy. These are the untold stories of pelvic floor disorders, the ripples that touch every aspect of life.

Why Focus on Pelvic Floor Health?

The pelvic floor is comprised of muscles stretching like a supportive hammock from the tailbone to the pubic bone. Think of it as the body’s unsung hero; when strong and supple, it supports the bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum. Yet, its health is often only whispered about.

Life’s transitions, from childbirth to menopause, bring changes to the pelvic floor. We see these not as challenges but as opportunities for growth and rejuvenation. Sexual well-being is intricately linked to the health of the pelvic floor. When these muscles are toned and responsive, they heighten sexual function and pleasure. At Lucienne, we approach this topic with sensitivity and grace, offering a pathway to rekindle intimacy and satisfaction, often reigniting the sparks of connection and self-esteem.

A robust pelvic floor is essential for more than just sexual health. It is pivotal in urinary control, core stability and bowel function. It’s about dignity, confidence and the joie de vivre that comes from a body in harmony. When these muscles weaken or are injured – often due to childbirth, surgery, or the natural aging process – a cascade of issues may follow, ranging from incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse and reduced sexual satisfaction. But it’s more than physical symptoms; it’s the shadow they cast on a woman’s confidence and quality of life that’s most profound.

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Strengthening the pelvic floor can be a journey of reclaiming control, a path to empowerment. Much can be done individually to maintain and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises, often called Kegels, are the cornerstone of pelvic floor health and can be performed discreetly and conveniently just about anywhere. Below are several methods to engage and fortify your pelvic floor, promoting overall well-being.

A healthy pelvic floor restores not just physical control but weaves back the confidence that life’s little surprises won’t lead to embarrassment. It’s the freedom to laugh, run and love without reservation. But this extends beyond physical well-being. It touches the realm of emotional balance and mental tranquility. It’s about standing tall, with the confidence that comes from a body that’s supported and strong.

Self-Guided Pelvic Floor Exercises

Exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor give you freedom and privacy. Kegels are a starting point, but they need to be performed correctly. Keep reading to learn more about these and other options you can do at home.

Kegel Exercises

Start by identifying the correct muscles. A simple way to do this is to stop your urine flow mid-stream. The muscles you’re using are your pelvic floor muscles. Once you’ve identified them, Kegels can be done anytime, not just during urination.

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold for five seconds and relax for five seconds. Repeat this four or five times in a row. As your muscles get stronger, you can hold the contractions for ten seconds at a time. Aim to do at least three sets of ten repetitions a day. Kegel exercises can be done anywhere and anytime you’re sitting or lying down – while working, reading or watching TV.


Squats engage the glutes, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, making them an effective exercise for building pelvic floor strength. To start your squat exercise correctly, stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes facing forward. Lower your body as if sitting back into a chair while keeping your spine straight and abs tight. Lower down as far as comfortable, then push back up to standing.


Lie on your back with your knees bent, legs hip-width apart and feet flat on the ground. Press your feet into the floor, inhale and then exhale as you lift your hips off the floor until your shoulders, hips and knees are straight. Hold for a few seconds, and then lower your hips back down to the floor.

Pilates and Yoga

Both Pilates and yoga incorporate a focus on core strength, which includes the pelvic floor muscles. Look for classes that specify a focus on core work or pelvic health. Poses like the bird-dog, plank and warrior can be particularly beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor and the rest of the core muscles.

Lifestyle Adjustments for Your Pelvic Floor Health

Besides exercise, there are other things you can do as part of your daily routine to support your pelvic floor health.


Consciously maintaining good posture throughout the day when walking and sitting can help engage your pelvic floor muscles naturally and reduce pressure on your abdomen.

Mindful Lifting

When lifting heavy objects, use your legs rather than your back and engage your pelvic floor muscles before and during the lift.

Hydration and Diet

Constipation can put stress on the pelvic floor muscles. Getting the proper amount of hydration and eating a fiber-rich diet can prevent this.

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces strain on the pelvic floor muscles.

When to Seek Professional Guidance

While exercises and lifestyle changes can be performed independently, understanding the correct form and technique is crucial for their effectiveness and to prevent injury. Consulting with a physiotherapist or a certified pelvic floor specialist can provide personalized guidance tailored to your body’s needs and condition.

If you’re struggling with pelvic floor health and exhibiting symptoms such as incontinence or prolapse, professional help is critical. And if you’re ready to experience faster results, consider EMFemme.

EMFemme: A Revolution in Pelvic Floor Health

EMFemme is our answer to the silent plea for a solution that goes beyond the basics. It harnesses the power of electromagnetic energy to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor, offering a revolutionary path to rejuvenation and well-being. We at Lucienne see EMFemme not as a singular treatment but as a personalized chapter in your unique wellness narrative. Let’s embark on an exploratory journey into the world of EMFemme – a procedure that invites hope and redefines possibilities for women’s health.

Beginning with Comfort and Reassurance

The EMFemme experience begins with comfort. Imagine reclining in serenity as a specialized applicator ushers in a new beginning. A slight chill at the point of contact soon gives way to a soothing neutrality, a promise of the gentle revolution that lies ahead.

Intense, Yet Tolerable

The essence of EMFemme lies in its rhythmic dance of electromagnetic energy. It’s a choreography that reawakens and fortifies, bringing a profound pulsation that speaks to the deepest layers of the pelvic floor. This sensation, intense yet free from pain, echoes the empowering feeling of taking control of one’s body and destiny. It’s akin to the embrace of a deep tissue massage – there’s intensity, but within it lies the promise of tension relief and renewed strength.


Post-treatment, EMFemme is about seamless integration into life’s rhythm. There’s no pause button needed – you step out ready to resume life, perhaps with a newfound spring in your step.

A Journey Tailored to You

At Lucienne, we recognize the uniqueness of each woman’s journey – your challenges, needs and goals. Our space is a sanctuary for healing, growth, and self-discovery. We foster an environment of warmth and acceptance, where questions are answered, concerns are addressed and the path to pelvic floor health is pursued with compassion and understanding.

Your wellness is our passion. Every step towards a healthy pelvic floor promotes a more vibrant, confident and joyful life. We’re committed to walking this path with you, offering our expertise with our innovative treatments like EMFemme and our unwavering support.

Take Care of Your Feminine Well-Being at Lucienne

We extend a heartfelt invitation to all who wish to explore the profound impact a healthy pelvic floor can have on overall well-being. Whether you’re taking preventative steps, seeking to reclaim your body after life-changing events or enhancing your core strength and sexual health, let us be your partner.

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