How Do I Get Rid of Cellulite & How Can EMTONE® Help?

Are you tired of seeing those dimpled areas on your legs or elsewhere? Trust us, most people have some form of cellulite and feel the same way. But guess what? There’s a solution for those stubborn bumps that don’t seem to go away— it’s called EMTONE®. Keep reading to discover how you can give you that smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of!

At Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa, your skincare journey is our passion. We go above and beyond to offer innovative treatments that meet your unique needs, and EMTONE is no exception. This groundbreaking therapy provides a way to treat cellulite at its source, giving you the confidence to flaunt your skin like never before.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition where fat deposits push through the connective tissue just beneath the skin. And no, it’s not just an issue for those carrying extra weight; even slim individuals can have cellulite.

So, what causes cellulite? Factors like genetics, hormones and lifestyle can all play a role. Simply put, it’s not always in your control, but knowing which type you have can help you treat it more effectively.

Adipose Cellulite

Adipose cellulite is the soft, often squishy type of cellulite that usually appears in larger areas of the body like the thighs or abdomen. It’s often associated with weight fluctuations but isn’t exclusively an issue for those with extra pounds. It’s more noticeable when the skin is pinched or compressed. Treatments like Emtone can be particularly effective in firming and smoothing the skin if you’re targeting this form of cellulite.

Fibrous Cellulite

This type of cellulite is more rigid and solid to the touch, typically occurring in areas with more muscle, such as the thighs and buttocks. It’s usually more deeply anchored into the skin, making it a bit more challenging to treat. However, do not worry! Our range of advanced treatments can help break down the fibrous bands and stimulate collagen production to improve the skin’s texture.

Edematous Cellulite

Edematous cellulite is less common and often appears due to poor circulation or lymphatic drainage. The skin takes on a padded, swollen appearance, usually found on the lower legs or arms. With specialized treatments focusing on improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, this type of cellulite can also be effectively addressed.

Traditional Methods to Reduce Cellulite

When it comes to comparing EMTONE with traditional methods, the former is the clear winner in achieving long-term results by providing a solution that doesn’t just mask the symptoms but addresses the root cause of cellulite. Here are some common methods used to fight cellulite, explaining their pros and cons.


Blending cardio and strength training is a natural approach to improving your skin’s appearance. The beauty of exercise is that it tones muscles and reduces fatty layers—making cellulite less noticeable—and promotes general well-being. Think mental health boosts and enhanced cardiovascular fitness! Moreover, exercise is easily incorporated into daily life with absolutely no downtime. However, it’s essential to note that exercise isn’t a miracle cure; it can reduce the appearance of cellulite but won’t eliminate it entirely. Also, achieving significant results requires a consistent, long-term commitment to physical activity.

Diet Changes

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” rings true. A healthym, balanced diet witg fresh produce and plenty of fiber can significantly improve the texture of your skin, reducing cellulite’s visibility. This approach comes with the bonus of being entirely risk-free and beneficial to your overall health. However, the improvements in cellulite appearance through diet often need to be faster to manifest and require high discipline. Sticking to a healthier eating plan can be challenging, especially with the ubiquity of less-healthy food options.

Topical Treatments

Creams and lotions are the go-to for many seeking quick results. These user-friendly products can be effortlessly integrated into your daily skincare routine. Many offer immediate, though temporary, smoothing effects, making them ideal for short-term needs. However, it’s essential to remember that topical treatments’ benefits are often fleeting. When you stop using the product, these effects usually wear off and are less effective in the long run since they tackle only surface symptoms. Not to mention, the costs can accumulate over time if you’re relying solely on these products for treatment.


EMTONE is a revolutionary treatment that combines thermal and mechanical energy to address the root causes of cellulite: collagen breakdown and poor circulation. It’s a noninvasive in-office procedure that requires zero downtime, allowing you to resume your regular activities immediately.

EMTONE combines thermal and mechanical energy to break down the fibrous bands under the skin. It’s like taking the cords that pull your skin and loosening them up. A specialized handpiece delivers targeted energy deep into the skin’s layers during your session. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production and improves blood flow. The procedure takes about 20 minutes per session, with each person requiring multiple sessions for optimal results. The result? A visibly smoother and firmer appearance with a reduction in cellulite dimpling.

Benefits of EMTONE

Why should EMTONE be at the top of your list for cellulite treatments? For starters, this remarkable method offers long-lasting results. It harnesses a combination of thermal and mechanical energy to break down fibrous tissues and stimulate collagen production, ensuring an immediate improvement and a prolonged effect that gets better over time.

EMTONE is also suitable for all skin types, accommodating everyone and tailoring its treatment to each individual’s unique needs without compromising safety or effectiveness. And EMTONE is not just another treatment; it’s a revolution in how we approach cellulite. With its enduring results and universal applicability, it offers a compelling case for being the go-to treatment for anyone serious about tackling cellulite once and for all.

Start Your Personalized Cellulite Reduction Journey!

At Lucienne, we believe the best results come from a treatment plan tailored just for you. That’s why we offer comprehensive consultations to discuss your skincare needs and aesthetic goals. Our mission is to ensure you walk out of our spa feeling and looking your absolute best.

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